10 Unbelievable Factoids About Space You Never Knew

It is said that we know more about space than we know about the depths of the oceans of the planet on which we live. That may be true due to the fact that there’s life underwater and no discovered life out in space – yet. This does not change that fact that the Earth as a planet and humanity as a species is very small and new compared to the size and age of the universe. It is for this reason that many choose to look to the skies and study the stars instead of worrying about whats going on directly around us. It is from these people that we find ten unbelievable factoids about space and the galaxy.

Asteroid Mining

Asteroids have many uncommon minerals and materials that make them up. Eros is an asteroid that was found in 1998 to have over $20 trillion worth of value at the time. It consisted of gold, platinum and other minerals.


The international space station orbits Earth at a speed of 27,600 kilometers per hour. That equates to almost 8 kilometers per second.

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