10 Unbelievable Things The US Government And Other Bodies Have Spent Money On

The world is facing its biggest economic crunch, and there is no telling how many economies will collapse by the time we see this through. This is the time for bold policy making and to cut costs on things that do not play a role in long-term development. Unfortunately, the US government owes billions of dollars to China and the money at home is not being used too wisely. This list features 10 things that the US government spent money on that you just won’t believe:

Talking Urinal Cakes

The state of Michigan actually spent $10,000 on purchasing talking urinal cakes. Do we literally hear a voice while we pee money away?

Television Reruns

Over $650,000 dollars was spent by the National Institute of Health in order to conduct a study on the benefits of watching reruns on television.

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