10 Underwater Cities You’ve Never Heard Of

We’ve all heard stories of underwater cities such as the Lost City of Atlantis, even though no firm footage or proof has ever been discovered relating to the forgotten city. However, there are said to be other cities buried deep under the ocean that most people have never even heard of. These cities have been gone for a long to time, with their remnants all but forgotten and disregarded as unimportant by many within the world. At one point in time, these cities were part of powerful kingdoms – or were powerful all on their own. Here are ten underwater cities you’ve probably never heard of.

Dian Kingdom

Back in 2001, a group of archaeologists working within the Fuxian Lake in China discovered numerous underwater buildings located at the bottom of said lake. This underwater city, known as the Dian Kingdom, spanned a total of 2.5 square miles in total.


The Wadden Sea is known for being a massive body of water located along the northern border of Germany. Within the sea, there are numerous strips of islands known as the North Frisian Islands. Amongst those was once a city called Eidum, which has since been lost. The area was said to have been flooded, killing at least 180 people at the time.

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