10 Unintentionally Hilarious Pictures By Children

When you need to hear the absolute truth, nobody tells it quite like children. They have no filter and have no tactful ways of letting someone down easy, so they go straight to the bare, sometimes painful, truth. What makes this even funnier though is that sometimes they can’t quite get the spelling right either, which adds a whole new dimension to their art work and insight. This is a list of ten hilarious kids that need to be censored by their parents before Child Protective Services get involved.

Dad The Chef

This funny picture is made all the worse when it looks like the child drew a giant phallus on his fathers head. Good job with the card, just focus a bit more on the spelling aspect and you’ll have this down pat in no time.

American Pie

It’s good to see that Buzz Lightyear comes in peace. At least make sure the little fellow doesn’t watch any American Pie the night before school.

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