10 Unique And Epic Places On Earth

There are a lot of different places to travel on planet Earth, though not all are as wondrous as some of the places we have listed here. There are some truly stunning locations still available to photograph or for a story to be told. Each one is unique, varies in size, location, and how the spot came about in our lifetime. Given the opportunity, we would love to take a trip to any of these spots. Here are ten of the most unique and epic places on Earth.

The Door To Hell

The Door To Hell, which the locals of Darvaza call it, is a 70-meter crater located in Turkmenistan that has been burning without halting for the past four decades. In 1971, geologists were drilling for gas when they collapsed an underground cavern inwards, forming the hole.

Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is truly remarkable. It is known as a tabletop mountain that has 400 meter high cliffs on every single side. There is only one way to the top, and that is a natural staircase that has been eroded away on the Venezuelan side.

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