10 Unsettling Facts About Death Row

Ever since the story of Cain and Abel, man has been killing off each other in the most violent and horrific ways imaginable. We create entire new methods to kill off our own kind. When it is not sanctioned, however, these killers are considered the worst-of-the-worst criminals who are often sentenced to Death Row. It remains one of the most controversial sentences in all of the legal world. With that in mind, you should know a little about the row. Here are ten unsettling facts about death row.

Death Row Marriage

Men and women serving their time on death row will never see the outdoors again in their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean they cannot still tie the knot one last time. The most famous marriage of this nature was along the Green Mile, when Damien Wayne Echols married Lorri Davis.

Last Meal

Not all prisons are willing to offer one final fancy meal to their death row inmates. Those that do offer the meal tend to put a $40 limit on the feast to dissuade fancy meals of lobster or caviar. Sometimes that money isn’t needed, though. For example, James Edward Smith, a convicted killer, once asked for a lump of dirt.

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