10 Unsolved Cases Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous human combustion is considered one of the rarest and greatest of all mysteries within the modern scientific and medical worlds. Many scientists have their own theories as to how an individual can simply burst into flames and die when they are nowhere near an open flame. As of today, there are around 200 documented cases of SHC. Sadly, many of these remain unsolved even after over one-hundred years or more. Here are ten unsolved cases of spontaneous human combustion.

John Irving Bentley

John Irving Bentley, a doctor, was discovered deceased within his own home on December 6, 1966. The only remains of the doctor were of his lower right leg. The rest of his body was nothing more than ash.

Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas was discovered dead in his home in 1980. The only thing the authorities found were his skull and lower legs. The rest of his body was nothing more than ash, as it had completely burnt to a crisp.

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