10 Unusual Festivals You’ll Want To Visit

If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to travel abroad and visit other cultures, then sightseeing should be first on your list. Of course, sightseeing doesn’t have to be limited to witnessing nature and the buildings surrounding the area. You could also find yourself stumbling into some truly colorful festivals that the locals are partaking in. Some of these require stripping completely naked, some require sitting in a coffin, but what they all have in common is that they are bizarre. Here are ten unusual festivals you’ll want to visit.

Songkran Festival

Each year, thousands of people come together in the streets of Thailand to take part in the world’s largest water gun fight. The entire country goes into lockdown and loads up their super-soaker squirt guns for some fun. Some people even use entire buckets or elephants.


Tunarama sounds like a horrible Sy-Fy film, but this annual festival is used to promote the tuna industry within Australia. The people come to the beaches to take part in the main event: the tuna toss.

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