10 Visually-Stunning Festivals From Around The World

The human cultural experience is one of the richest facets of our existence. We are immensely diverse in our cultural constructs around the world, and every country has owned their identity while gently refining it over time. Festivals that happen each year in different parts of the world play a major role in exposing these cultures to different communities in order to allow a free-flowing exchange of ideas and information. This list highlights those festivals from around the world that are visually-stunning and need to be visited at least once in order to treat your visual sense. Here is the list of 10 awesome looking festivals from around the world.

Burning Man

The Burning Man is an annual festival that takes place in a different desert each year. This is a festival that promotes individuality and self-expression, which means that people are encouraged to be as innovative as possible during this celebration period. This is an extremely unique festival and you will definitely get to witness some rare and bizarre sights that you may not come across anywhere else. The festival also ends with the burning of a giant wicker man that is also quite the sight to behold.

Winter Light Festival, Japan

This festival is celebrated during the winter season in the Kuwana City of Japan. The location of the festival is the flower-focused botanical park called Nabano No Sato. Millions of LED lights are used to light up this park in glorious ways, providing audience members a truly memorable experience that combines nature and technology.

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