10 Ways Monkeys Are More Like Us Than You Think

Research has that our closest ancestors are the great apes that roam this Earth. While the ape’s capacity for learning has been drastically exaggerated by films and television, that doesn’t deny the fact that they are capable of some pretty amazing things. As a matter of fact, the similarities between humans and apes is breaking new ground, creating new discoveries that scientist never imagined. With these new developments, we have discovered that our more distant relative — the monkey — has more things in common with humans than we originally thought. This list details the 10 ways that we are more like monkeys than you think.

Monkeys Can Recognize Their Own Reflection

Originally not believe to be true, but new research shows that monkeys are able to recognize their own reflection. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have begun developing techniques that teach monkeys self-recognition with mirrors. These tests involve marking the monkey’s face with a laser pointer, and seeing if the monkey can spot the mark in the mirror.

Monkeys Remember Faces

German research has shown that humans and monkey both process facial information in similar ways. After multiple studies, it was revealed that monkeys use holistic processes to recognize faces, not unlike humans.

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