10 Ways To Survive The Newborn Stage

Becoming a parent can be one of life’s more rewarding moments for many people. While there are many wonderful things of being a parent, there can also be the tougher times. Having a newborn baby is considered one of the toughest times of being a parent. While your beautiful new baby is getting used to life outside and in the real world, you are also adjusting to life with a new baby in your arms, in your home, and in your life. There are so many beautiful moments and memories that you will have with your baby, so dealing with the more difficult times is essential.

The following is a list of the 10 best ways to survive the newborn stage. Humor and patience are the best two ways to deal with any situation, especially for adjusting to life as a parent. Just remember new parents, the newborn stage does not last long, and before you know it you’ll be chasing your happy baby all over the place, missing the days when you could just cuddle with that little baby on your chest. As a side note, understand that baby blues are normal and will pass, but keep an eye out for signs of Post Partum Depression, seek help if you experience PPD.

Sleep When Baby Sleeps, For Real

If you do not take any advice at all, make this the one piece of advice you take. Sleep deprivation is no joke, all of those little naps will make a big difference. Sleep when baby sleeps, the chores can wait until later. The house will not crumble.

Accept Help From Others

Seriously, stop trying to be a superhero. You just had a baby, your body has to recover. Parents, relatives, friends, whoever wants to help you, let them help, there is no shame in accepting help. From cleaning to cooking to doing laundry or helping with baby, accept help from others.

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