10 Weird Facts About Bacteria You Probably Don’t Know

Bacteria constitute a big domain of prokaryotic microscopic organisms. They are a few micrometers in length and have many shapes, ranging from spirals to spheres and rods. Bacteria were among the first forms of life to appear on Earth and are present in most of Earth’s habitats. Bacteria inhabit the deep portions of Earth’s crust, radioactive waste, acidic hot springs, water and soil. They also live in parasitic and symbiotic relationships with animals and plants. This list contains 10 weird facts about bacteria you probably don’t know.


When a person wears headphones for one hour, it increases the bacteria in their ear 700 times.

Dried Fruits And Raisins

Dried fruits and raisins can lead to more tooth decay than chocolate because they remain on the teeth for a longer period of time and thus feed the bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

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