10 Weird Things That Happened During Surgery

Usually you’d think that the surgical room is a sterilized place where people do nothing else but strictly concentrate on saving lives. And while the sterilization and the saving lives part are almost always a given, the truth is that in most cases, surgeons would laugh and tell jokes, to ease the tension and the stress. However, while joking between colleagues is completely normal, there are some strange and completely weird and bizarre things that have happened during surgical procedures, including pranks, live tweets and violin playing. What are the 10 Most weird things that have happened during surgery, you’d ask? Well, read on to find out!

The Pranked Patient

Back in 2013, doctors in a Los Angeles hospital decided to prank their patients by putting up mustache and stickers on her face, while she was having a surgical procedure. The unidentified woman was working as a surgical supply purchaser at the same hospital and learned about the prank only when she was approached by one of her coworkers who have seen the photos.

The Hospital That Live Tweeted an Operation

In May, 2012, the Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital decided for the first time ever to not only record an operation, which was performed by a leading surgeon in the field, under the name of Dr. Dong Kim, but to also live tweet it. They’ve used a set of computer-assisted technologies to locate the precise location of a tumor in the patient’s brain, remove it, replace the skull bone and complete the surgery. They’ve even shared photos of the operation on Pinterest.

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