10 Weird Things That Happened During Surgery

The Lady who Caught Fire During Surgery

Stranger things have happened, but in 2005, Rita Talbert, who was supposed to have a simple procedure to correct her thyroid. Surprisingy, she caught on fire because the electrosurgical tool ignited oxygen inside the mask, leaven her with second-and-third-degree burns from the top of her head to the chests. The thing is that such things are not as rare as you might thing, as there are as much as 550 patients a year, with one or two people every year actually dying this way.

The Lunch-Having Anesthetist

A 72-year-old patient in a Swedish hospital was under anesthetic on the day of his operation as early as 10:45 AM, but the head anesthetist was too hungry, so at 12:00 PM he simply left the operating room and went to get lunch. However, as no anesthetist replaced him, the patient started hemorrhaging and despite the efforts of the nurse and the doctor, as he was left without oxygen for about 8 minutes. The man suffered irreparable brain damage and unfortunately died several weeks later. All that because of a lunch!

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