10 Well Known Historical Figures Who Had Syphilis

Syphilis is considered one of the worst sexually transmitted diseases by some, but science has proven it can be nearly eradicated from the human body thanks to modern medicine. However, there was a time back long ago when there was no cure for the STD. It was actually considered the scourge of the world at one point, and it infected both the rich and the poor. Some important figures throughout history actually led entire nations while suffering from the sexually transmitted disease. Here are ten well know historical figures who had syphilis.

Adolf Hitler

Some historians believe that Adolf Hitler was suffering from an advanced strain of syphilis near the end of his reign over Germany. Researchers revealed documented that stated he had all of the symptoms of tertiary syphilis.

Christopher Colombus

Sadly, the well known explorer who discovered America on accident is also said to have introduced the sexually transmitted disease to Europe. After arriving in the New World, he slept with indigenous members of tribes who carried the disease.

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