10 Worst Prizes Offered By TV Game Shows

Game shows have been one of the staples of television since the very beginning of broadcasting. Networks generally see them as a cheap and easy way to get something on air that can attract viewers without having to go through the effort of coming up with something creative or dramatic. One of the biggest parts of a game show are the prizes that are offered to contestants, with some of the most famous examples having brilliant and expensive prizes. However, others are far less enterprising in this area and offer only terrible or bizarre prizes to winners.

Family Fortunes

While the main prize on the British show Family Fortunes often saw contestants win a significant amount of money alongside luxury holidays and expensive cars, the losers were not so lucky. These would simply get to have a photo of their entire family in a silver screen. To make matters worse, the winners would also get this same photo but it would be in color rather than black and white.

Let’s Make A Deal

Those who picked a wrong door on Let’s Make A Deal would often be given a live goat as a prize. Contestants could swap this for something of similar value after the end of the show, though it was perfectly fine for them to keep the animal if they wanted to. Although this was later stopped after animal rights groups protested.

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