10-Year-Old Boy Catches Enormous Tuna In Canada

Koen, a 10-year-old boy from Canada recently caught a massive tuna while fishing off the cost of Prince Edward island. The size of the fish he caught weighs in at around 220kg, that’s a whopping 485 pounds — this may break the record for the largest fish caught by someone aged 10. Koen Norton was fishing on a boat owned by his family and said that it took more than an hour to reel in the tuna because it put up such a big fight.

It was fun,” said Koen. “It was just amazing how it felt when I was fighting it. When I hooked him, I could tell he was going to be a little bit of a fight.

Koen has plenty of experience in fishing as his farther is the owner of a local fishing charter boat business. This has allowed the 10-year-old to fish since the age of five, though he had never caught anything as large as the tune before now.

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