11 Bizarre Political Parties From Around The World

The Guns And Dope Party

Founded by Robert Anton Wilson, The Guns and Dope Party pushed their libertarian platform with a healthy dose of playful surrealism, as exemplified by the party’s “Spiritual Advisor” Olga Struthio (an ostrich featured in the Orson Welles film “The Southern Star”). As you might have guessed based on the name, the party stood for…well…guns and dope for those who want them and none for those who don’t. Plus equal rights for ostriches.

The Union Of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements

While the name sounds more like a Monty Python sketch than a political party, The UCWSE actually won a seat in the Danish parliament in 1994. Comedian Jacob Haugaard’s party advocated better weather, better Christmas presents and more Renaissance furniture in IKEA stores. Surprisingly, Haugaard would keep more campaign promises than you would expect of an average politician.

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