11 Macro Photos Reveal The Hidden World Around Us

For as long as there have been cameras, photographers have sought to capture the micro-world on film. The practice really took off with the invention of high resolution DSLR cameras, capable of precise and accurate detail in even the smallest subjects.

The art of macro photography balloons these tiny subjects to life size, or examines surfaces and textures at extreme close-ups. The resulting images reveal a strange and vibrant world that goes undetected by the naked eye.

Lady Bug Covered In Dew

The world’s most beloved beetle, lady bugs, can be found in most crop growing regions on Earth. They may look cute, but these little critters have a dark side: lady bugs are known to cannibalize their kin when food runs low.

This amazing macro capture gives us an up-close look at the adorably demented insect after a dewy morning.

Milk Droplets In Water

When viewed close enough, even the most mundane interactions can look like alien worlds. Case in point, this macro photo of milk dropping into water.

Cat’s Tongue

Cats have a rough, sandpaper-like tongue with relatively few taste-buds, but a high sensitivity to food texture. They’re such picky eaters because they judge food based on how it feels more than how it tastes.

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