11 Month Old Baby Found Dead After Grandparents Left Him In The Car

An 11-month old boy died on Saturday after his grandparents left him in their car under the hot Georgia sun for two hours. While the police believe that this was an accident, the authorities are still investigating to make sure this wasn’t actual negligence. The grandparents were babysitting the child so that his mother, who works an overnight shift could get a little sleep. Kyle and Meta Hendershot took the baby, Jaxon, to church along with another one of their adult daughters and another grandchild.

Once the group returned home, they realized they had left the baby in the car. This was around the middle of the afternoon, when the temperatures in the area were at their highest. Experts believe that when sitting in a hot car, the temperatures inside the vehicle can reach as high as 172 degrees in a matter of 15 minutes. The family didn’t realize the child had been left in the car until the boy’s mother awoke and asked where he was. A spokesman for the police said, “There was a lack of communication within the three adults. They assumed that one of the others had brought in the child and laid him down. They didn’t communicate who would get the child.”

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