11 Of The Most Extravagant Celebrity Homes

Many of you have seen MTV’s Cribs whereby celebrities invite a camera crew into their home to essentially boast about their luxurious lifestyle. As much as we like to roll our collective eyeballs at how stupidly wealthy these people are, the truth is that most of us would do anything to have their income and fabulous mansions.

Here we test how envious our readers can be by presenting eleven of the world’s most exquisite celebrity homes. As you scroll through this list of extremely extravagant homes owned by the wealthy and famous elite, try not to seethe too much or bite your knuckles in vicious jealousy.

Justin Bieber ($6.5 Million)

Love him or hate him (face it, most of you hate him don’t you?), it’s difficult to hide the envy with this one when you consider one of the youngest performers in the world lives in a place like that.

Ashton Kutcher ($10.8 Million)

The Two And A Half Men star bought this in 2002. As well as the usual trimmings of a celebrity home (multiple bedrooms, gym etc), it also boasts a floating dining room.

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