11 Things You Didn’t Know About The Apple Watch

Techies all over the world will probably remember exactly where they were when they heard about the impending release of Apple’s iPhone compatible smart watch, dubbed the Apple Watch. This fascinating piece of equipment allows you to interact with it in more than a dozen ways. Outside of all its remarkable capabilities it also tells the time – after all it is still a watch. You might have heard about the incredible features that come equipped with this gadget but, here are 11 amazing things you probably didn’t know about the Apple Watch!

It Allows You To Take Screenshots

This feature will certainly come in handy for those of us who need to save something in the blink of an eye. Just press a simple button and viola, you have a screenshot.

You Can’t Use The Watch To Start Or Stop Calls On Your iPhone

You can make and answer calls on the Apple Watch, and then hand them off to your iPhone to continue the call there. However if you want to connect headphones to your iPhone then use the watch to dial a number, you will be sadly disappointed. If you want to start or stop a call on your iPhone the watch won’t allow you to do that either.

It Saves A Backup On Your Phone

Users will be happy to know that the Apple Watch backs up its data to your iPhone. So if you reformat or even wipe the data from the watch, your previous settings, apps and all other information can be restored.

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