12 Amazing Foods To Kick Start Your Metabolism


Celery is a food type that we all wished there were more of. Classed as a “thermogenic” food, it actually burns more energy whilst it is being digested than it contains, giving your internal system a bit of a work out. Foods of this kind automatically boost your metabolism, forcing your body to work that bit harder in order to break them down.


Not only an incredible addition to Asian inspired dishes, ginger is packed with tons of health benefits all on its own. The natural root has been found to have a number of metabolic-boosting properties and is particularly good for those suffering with irritable digestive systems. Adding it to your meals will not only boost the flavor of a bland dish but also, boost your metabolism in ways you never even realized.

Chili Peppers

Starting your day with a blast of spice might not seem all that tempting, but it can actually have incredible health benefits. Chili peppers contain a chemical compound which has been proved to give the metabolism a kick into action. Better yet, they’re also an incredible source of vitamin C, another great metabolism booster.

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