13 Common Fruits With Amazing Healing Properties

In the era of modern medicine, there seems to be a pill, elixir or medication to treat virtually all common illnesses, be they real or imaginary. However, the drawbacks to such a dependence on manufactured medicines to maintain health can be observed in the laundry lists of side effects associated with many types of popular prescribed and over-the-counter medicines, some of which may result in more complicated health issues than the initial illnesses themselves. Luckily, mother nature has seen fit to provide humanity with an array of tasty alternatives to contemporary medicine which boast comparable, if not superior, benefits in the treatment of many common ailments, and some of these natural remedies can be seen in thirteen common fruits found in farmers’ stands and supermarkets around the world.


1. Grapefruit: A Bitter-Sweet Breakfast Treat That Aids in the Fight Against Infection.

The seeds of this bitter sweet citrus fruit are renowned for their infection fighting properties. According to a recent medical study, ingesting 5-6 grapefruit seeds every 8 hours over a two week period has been proven effective in treating even drug resistant strains of urinary tract infections.

2. Cranberries: The Perfect Fruit to Holistically Heal and Treat Urinary Tract Infections.

Cranberries have traditionally been favored as a natural remedy which helps cleanse the body of toxins and infection, and Cranberry extract has been found in a recent clinical experiment to be as effective as the popular drug Trimethoprim in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections, particularly among older women, without increasing the risk of individuals developing an antibiotic resistance or fungal infection.

3. Pineapple- An Enzyme contained in This Tropical Fruit is a Potential Alternative Treatment for Cancer.

An enzyme in pineapple known as Bromelain has been proven to be more effective than chemotoxic agent 5-Fluorouracil in killing cancer cells in animal model tests, which makes this slice of Iconic Hawaiian Cuisine not only a refreshing tropical treat, but an essential ally in the fight against cancer.

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