13 Most Bizarre Real Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are something that we’ve all come to expect, after seeing countless actors and singers trying to sell us a huge range of products in commercials. Despite the fact that we might not want some of the hottest public figures telling us what to buy, an endorsement can certainly make sense for those involved. Companies are able to get extra publicity by having the name and image of someone famous attached to their product. Meanwhile, the celebrities themselves are handsomely paid for what usually is very little work. It’s a win-win situation.

Although celebrities will generally choose to advertise a product that fits in with their public image and persona, this isn’t always the case. Rather than helping to sell upscale perfume, luxury clothing or expensive essentials they can occasionally be talked into putting their name to some strange things that simply do not make sense. This has led to some truly bizarre celebrity endorsements over the years.

Miranda Kerr

You might have seen the episode of Friends where it is revealed that Joey once starred in a Japanese commercial, but it turns out that some celebrities actually have done just that. Miranda Kerr, the famous Australian model who has worked most prominently with Victoria’s Secret, appeared in a commercial for Lipton Iced Tea in Japan. Not only did she appear in the footage but she also poorly lip-synched along to a catchy jingle sung entirely in Japanese.

Jessica Simpson

This particular celebrity endorsement wasn’t unusual at first glance. As a glamorous singer, actress and model, Jessica Simpson would seem like the perfect choice to help advertise makeup. The weirdness comes from the fact that these cosmetic products were completely edible. They included things such as whipped body cream and sugar scrub, all designed to be eaten by the user or their partners.

​Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty was best known for her roles as Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Prue Halliwell in Charmed. Nevertheless, the 44-year-old has also been the unusual spokesperson for Education Connection, an organization that offers online degree courses, since 2012. She has also appeared in a number of panned commercials for the company over the past few years.

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