13 Most Bizarre Real Celebrity Endorsements


Alternative rock band Weezer have never been afraid to look at popular culture in weird ways or release bizarre merchandise, but they outdid themselves when they released a collection of colorful snuggies several years ago. For those unaware, the snuggie is essentially a wearable blanket and Weezer took a humorous look at the fad by putting their name on some and putting them on sale.

Tico Torres

While Tico Torres is not the best known musician, he is still a respected figure in the industry due to his long associated with the rock band Bon Jovi as the drummer. As well as his musical talents, Torres has also indulged in a love for designing clothes and launched a line of clothing especially for babies and young children called Rock Star Baby. The outfits are more flash than you would usually find with such clothing.

David Lynch

This controversial and outspoken filmmaker has been responsible for some incredible pieces of cinema and television, including Twin Peaks and The Elephant Man. With his strong association with movies, you might expect him to support a product focused on the industry he is famous for, such as a video camera or technical equipment. But Lynch instead chose to launch his own line of coffee due to his obsession with the drink.

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