14 Best Tattoos to Explore Space With

Today’s world is changing, and tattoos are becoming more and more accepted within society. They can be used as art, as a political statement, offer personal meaning, or just help one to learn about the massive universe we live in. These 14 tattoos are of the latter variety, offering their owners, and those around them, the chance to get as close to the universe as possible without training for years with NASA. Of course, there is nothing like the real thing, but the opportunity to see some beautiful color, extraordinary vistas, and the simplest of constellations embedded upon your skin is a wonderful chance to get in touch with our universe.

Cute, Yet Succinct

A tattoo of the universe doesn’t need to be the most detailed, extravagant work of art ever. In fact, this first piece proves that you can enjoy all there is to offer within our solar system, including each of the planets and our sun, without requiring a large amount of ink to ensure everything looks to scale or perfect. The cartoon-like style of the rocket ship and the planets will allow anyone, old or young, to enjoy this piece of art on your skin. Of course, if you can name all the planets in the correct order, you may just win yourself a hug from the owner for that knowledge. No guarantees, though. You should probably know the name of the planets anyway, and there order from the sun. It may not be knowledge you use daily, but it’s still a good thing to learn. Learning is never a bad thing, after all.

The Universe in My Chest

A tattoo, which is completely permanent, already requires a lot of heart and dedication for the owner to receive. Combine that with a love of the universe, and the entire bare surface of your chest, and everyone who sees this one will know you mean business when it comes to the artwork adorning your skin on a daily basis. The imagery involved in this particular piece surpasses most photographs we’ve all seen of the universe, and the creative way it is embedded into the skin is unique and eye-catching, as the bricks fall away to view another world. If you can tie a tattoo like this into other work on your body, then you may just have a winner on your hands. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those interested it’s well worth the cost and the pain you may experience. Your heart may very well be the entire universe.

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