14 Best Tattoos to Explore Space With

Color My World

The arm is one of the most popular places to receive a tattoo, especially the lower forearm where there is plenty of room and the pain isn’t unbearable for most people. So, why not score yourself some new artwork by incorporating a large majority of the solar system in one place with bright colors so it stands out against the entire room. This one is definitely an eye-catcher, and people are going to notice the work from across the room. Being on the lower forearm, there is always room for expansion when the time comes to enhance the universe a little further. The top of your arm has plenty of room, after all. Even the hand can be adorned with unique colors to expand the worlds upon your arm. Let’s just hope everyone knows which planet is which when they take a look at this one for the first time.

Space Whales

Not everything in our universe has to be correct, it can also be straight from your imagination or from inspiration taken elsewhere. A space whale, for example, surely doesn’t exist within our universe, though it would be an impressive specimen. Instead, this one is purely for fun, but it incorporates the stars into the body of the whale, offering those looking upon it the chance at seeing a little bit of both worlds. It’s simple, yet oddly satisfying. This is the type of tattoo that can fit into any area of your body effectively, though it does look rather nice on the forearm. In the future, the whale could be added to, perhaps even into a pod of space whales floating aimlessly along the entire length of the individual’s arm. A background could do wonders, too, but it’s definitely not required in this case. The world really is yours for the taking, and your imagination can help you grasp that.

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