14 Universal Studios Florida Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About

With the recent announcements of the brand new King Kong attraction and the massive collaboration with Nintendo, it seemed like a good time to explore some of the secrets hidden within Universal Studios Florida. Most people may not know this, but, like Disney, Universal has a few secrets of its own. The park may not be as popular as the Disney powerhouse, but it has its own legacy that a lot of people cherish. This list covers 14 things that most people probably didn’t know about the theme park.

A Surprise Cameo

Steven Spielberg. He is one of the world’s most successful film directors, and for good reason. As a treat, hidden within MIB Alien Attack, the famous director is featured as an alien target. Keep an eye open for a man in a hat, reading a newspaper – that’s your target!

King Kong Never Left, He Was Just Hiding

The original King Kong ride may be long gone, but with the announcement of Kong making a comeback is great news for fans of the ride. What most people don’t know is that Kong never left. Yup. Hidden within the ride queue for Revenge of the Mummy there is a secret King Kong statue, paying tribute to the Monkey’s original attraction.

The Secret Behind Duff Beer

Believe it or not, but the Duff Beers that are served at Universal Studios are unique brews that can only be purchased at the theme park. This is unlike the beer from the television show, in which the different types of Duff are just the same beer repackaged.

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