15 Amazing Examples Of Creative Dog Grooming

Virtually every breed of dog will require grooming at some point in its life. Be it a good brush and bath at home, or a complete styling in the local doggy salon. From the short haired breeds to the the most hirsute of hounds, it’s good to pamper your pooches now and again. Though for some dogs, getting a simple trim just isn’t enough. The rise of creative grooming competitions has led to amazing examples of what people can create with a dog, a pair of scissors and a lot of talent. Here are some of the most amazing creative grooms you will find.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

In the jungle, the mighty jungle. This is truly an amazing design! Making this poodle resemble a lion would of been enough of a challenge for the designer, but also adding those animal images has really set it apart from the pack (or pride). All of the giraffe is created from the poodle’s hair, no extra accessories have been added. While on the opposite side of the design is an equally well created zebra picture (you can just about see the black and white stripes on its inside back leg). There are few examples of dogs being made to look like wild animals later on in this list, but this is the only one where three different beasts are incorporated into the one design.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, the tail is indeed stuck on – some things just can’t be made if there’s not enough hair, or dog, to create them

Super Dog-Bowl

A brilliant concept for a creative groom. The entire outfit is a shaped perfectly around the dog’s body. The shirt and pants blend naturally into the poodle’s shaved sections, making it look like it’s actually wearing a real football uniform. The sweat bands/socks are a particularly nice touch too. The poodle’s round head makes a great helmet, with the designer even sticking a logo onto it, just for that extra bit of authenticity.

The absolute pinnacle of this creative groom, however, is the use of the dogs muzzle as part of the helmet guard. It’s rare that something which has a practical use for dogs can be incorporated into a design so well.

All we needs now is a tiny little football, some more players, plus maybe a team of cheerleader poodles, and we’re ready for a game. Also be prepared for lots of “are you the quarter-bark?” comments from people.

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