15 Awesomely Cool Geek Inspired Decor

Being called a ‘geek’ doesn’t have the negative connotation it once did many years ago. No, today geeks are cool and smart and charming and the term ‘geek’ is actually a fashion trend these days, a term of endearment, if you will. If you are into the ‘geek chic’ movement or you are just a tried-and-true geek at heart it, its all good. Either way, you will certainly appreciate these 15 awesomely cool geek inspired decor, some of you might even already own a few of these items.

Darth Vader Toaster

This Star Wars inspired toaster not only turns your bread nice and crunchy, it also prints a picture of Darth Vader on one side and the words ‘star wars’ on the other.

iPad Arcade Cabinet

Known as the iCade, this doubles as both an iPad docking station and an arcade game. Just insert the iPad and you and your friends can enjoy your favorite arcade games on the hand-crafted retro styled gadget.

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