15 Epic Advertising Fails That Will Crack You Up

The US economy spends a staggering 200 billion dollars a year on advertising. To put that into perspective, that is almost the GDP of a small country, such as Ireland. It is amazing how much money companies put into advertising to get people to buy more and more.

In a way, advertising works. Many critics look down on advertising as a mere tool of capitalism to get consumers to buy things they don’t really need. Look at how giants such as Coca-Cola and Apple used advertising to their advantage. However, if advertisers don’t do proper research (and use some common sense), advertising could backfire and would cost companies millions of dollars.

Some ads are genius and unforgettable, yet some ads make us think, ‘What were they thinking?’ There are ads that are plain funny, while there are ads that will make you want to do a triple facepalm. Here’s our list of 15 hilarious advertising fails that will make your day.

Turkish Airlines

This ad by Turkish Airlines was supposedly set for a landscape orientation, and makes a very funny and wrong impression of the plane when it’s placed on a diagonal landscape in the elevator.

China’s Short Term Hospitality

In Guangdong, China, visitors are only welcome for a short period of time.

You Do What?

Where do you take a sheet? This woman bares it all.

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