15 Heartbreaking Graffiti On World Issues And Social Justice

Gone are the days when graffiti is merely seen as a nuisance to the streets, an act of vandalism. Street artists now take to spray paints, stencils and a good pair of running shoes for creating beautiful, public murals under the nose of the police. Graffiti is not only an aesthetic tool, but a tool for propaganda too. Graffiti is giving voice to the oppressed; where otherwise would be left unseen and unheard. What is more public than taking art it to the streets after all? We’ve compiled a list of 15 heartbreaking street art from around the world. The street art displays powerful messages on various topics: environment, social justice, animal cruelty, and other world issues. The compelling messages from street artists are clear and poignant: humans need to make a stance. We need to make a change.

Global Warming Is A Myth

An intriguing street art by Banksy, the ironic play between the sprayed on text and the flooding water shows an alarming truth about global warming: it is happening.

No Park In Parking

It’s sad how accurate the Counting Crows song goes: ‘they paved paradise, to put up a parking lot.’

Bunny Speaks The Truth!

The bunny couldn’t say it any clearer. Earth isn’t dying, it’s being killed by people with names and addresses.

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