15 Helpful Resources For Learning Game Design

There’s been a lot of dissent over the years when it comes to games. And with good reason — 2014 saw plenty of broken releases and general disappointments from the industry’s biggest names. Even then, the output by smaller, independent teams has become such a major factor that their games are recognized at huge conventions. It’s a new frontier for games, especially with multiple engines becoming free to use — but just where is anyone supposed to begin with their dream project? There are a lot of resources out there, but these fifteen should make it just a tiny bit easier for would-be digital designers.


Since its engine recently became free to the public, it’s safe to say that there’s no better starting point out there, especially for those who want to specialize in it. Downloading the requisite programs is the first step, but far from the last; one click of the mouse is practically all it takes to go to a wealth of information, up to and including tutorials to help aspiring designers figure out just what’s on their computers. Unity may be putting the tools out there, but it’s not so careless as to throw newbies out into the lion’s den.

Extra Credits

It doesn’t take much looking to find these guys on Unity’s site, but make no mistake, they’ve been here for years. With a thoughtful take on the games industry combined with art so adorable it belongs on refrigerators, the Extra Credits team does its part to enlighten anyone who watches an episode — be they simple players or intrepid designers. While they may not necessarily teach people how to code, any given video will sell a mindset, and try to offer a glimpse into the inner workings of video games. Anyone looking to go all in should have a look; these stick figures have a lot to teach.

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