15 Helpful Resources For Learning Game Design


This site is practically the definition of catch-all. Those looking for a fresh perspective on every rung of the ladder won’t be disappointed; there are tales archived and added every day that offer up some in-depth looks at games and the industry as a whole. Anyone looking for some insights and inspiration won’t be left wanting, but Gamasutra offers up even more than that; it actually lists job openings at major developers, so those with the skills and experience just might be able to land a spot with Sucker Punch, Riot Games, and more. Having the know-how to do something is always step one, so stopping here is probably a good idea.


It may be one thing to download something like Unity, but another to actually make the stuff that might appear in it. While there’s no guarantee that every game and every engine needs the same things, learning how to use Blender can’t possibly hurt. For the uninitiated: Blender is a free program that lets its user do plenty, from making 3D models to animation, to video editing, or just making JPEGs to show off to friends. It’s much simpler to use than one would think, and since it’s compatible with Unity, using the two together could make for a double-whammy of a game. Grab it from the website and give it a whirl.

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