15 Hot Celebrities Who Grew Up As The Ugly Duckling

The world of celebrities is one that seems filled to the brim with beautiful people. The glamorous outfits and perfect hairstyles that are presented to the public give off the illusion of something near perfection. However, what some may find surprising is that some of today’s hottest and most popular celebrities were not always so good-looking.

Before you judge them too harshly, remember your own awkward phase. Very few people are privileged enough to escape the braces, bad hairdos, and the chubbiness of childhood. It may be refreshing to find that even the most stunning of today’s stars had their own troubles when it came to looks.

Matthew Lewis

Harry Potter fans will certainly recognize this chubby kid! Best known for his character Neville Longbottom, Matthew Lewis’s transformation was documented throughout the many years of filming Harry Potter. His change from an awkward child to the handsome star he is now should give every pre-pubescent boy a little hope.

Kate Hudson

Hollywood has certainly done some good for this woman. Now a beautiful and talented actress, Kate seems to have worked off her childhood chubbiness and upgraded her hairstyle. Rest in peace, full bangs.

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