15 Most Extraordinarily Unique Staircases Around From The World

The details in beautiful architecture can sweep us away with its beauty. And one architectural detail that can take ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ is a beautiful staircase. Whether it’s the structural design, unique artistic touches, or the optical illusions they create, staircases can be quite enchanting. Here are 15, from all around the world, that will delight and surprise you with their beauty or cleverness. Oh, and motivate you to make that journey to the second floor and beyond!

Libreria Acqua Alta (Venice, Italy)

This is one of the coolest on the list. Not only is the Libreria Acqua Alta a book lover’s dream, the stairs you’ll use to climb to the second floor are made from books!

Hanging Stairs by Officine Sandrini (Italy)

These beautiful hanging stairs by Officine Sandrini create an optical illusion of just floating in place. But you can trust that the Italian-made steps are safely in place!

Framed Staircase (London)

The Framed staircase was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert museum in London, in 2010. It has 600 meters of frame profiles that have been cut, sanded, colored (including gold leaf) and pieced together to create this explosion of color up the sweeping staircase.

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