15 Most Extraordinarily Unique Staircases Around From The World

MSC Fantasia (Cruise Ship)

The MSC Fantasia lets passengers cruise in style. Each step on the staircase is covered in $40,000 worth of Swarovski crystals!

Philedelphia Museum of Art (Pennsylvania)

During the Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a picture of the famous artist was also brought to visitor’s feet. A giant picture of his face covered the stairs leading up to the front entrance.

Stairs at Rock of Guatape (Columbia)

This isn’t a flight you’ll want to take if you’re afraid of heights.The 659 zig-zag steps at Guatape take you to the top of this rock and while you’ll get the workout of your life, the 360 degree views from the top are well worth the trek.

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