15 Of The Craziest Restaurants On The Planet

Many of us can testify to having at least one unique dining experience. Maybe you had dinner under the Eiffel tower in Paris, a fancy meal in a hot air balloon, or dined in the most expensive restaurant in the world. Now don’t get us wrong, they all sound quite amazing, romantic and even unique — these experiences might seem a little but crazy to some, they seem quite normal when compared to others. Here are 15 of the craziest restaurants on the planet!

Twin Stars Diner

You don’t have to be a twin to dine in this eatery, you just can’t work there – unless, of course, you are a twin.

Located in Moscow, this 24-hour restaurant only hires identical twins – waitresses, bartenders even the chefs will have you seeing double. Seems like a fun place to dine, until its time to tip right?

The concept for this diner is reportedly inspired by a Soviet film from 1964 in which a girl visits an alternate reality and confronts her twin.

Ninja Restaurant

Living up to it’s unique name, the Ninja restaurant in New York is designed to resemble a 15th-century Japanese dungeon filled with Ninjas.

The staff, well clad in their Ninja attire, perform martial arts inspired stunts and tricks as you dine on tasty dishes.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Taking the toilet theme to a whole new level, this restaurant in Taiwan doesn’t just serve your food in miniature toilets but you are also seated on; you guessed it: A toilet seat!

Initially the restaurant only served chocolate ice cream, but it has since added a variety of options to the menu, and now has a chain of locations across Asia.

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