15 Of The Most Beautiful Birds In The World

There is a reason that bird watching and photography are classic pastimes: birds are some of Mother Nature’s sharpest dressers. In the wild there are many kinds of animals that seek to hide or blend into their surroundings as to avoid danger. The following birds, on the other hand, are just the opposite — they seek to stand out and show off. What’s more, many of these birds have interesting and quirky behavior, especially when it’s mating season, so read on to learn about these beautiful birds and their funny personalities.

The Hoopoe

These birds are fans of having cool mohawks. Often found in Afro-Eurasia, these birds actually like to sunbathe by spreading their wings and tail feathers on the ground and cocking their heads upwards. They’ve been known to take sand or dust baths as well. What’s more, their name is actually an onomatopoeia.

The Golden Pheasant

These bright birds are native to western China. That orange cape they have around their necks actually serve a purpose: when it’s time to find a mate, a male will spread his cape like a fan to show off his colors.

The Atlantic Puffin

Because of their funny appearance, puffins are sometimes called “sea roosters” and “clowns of the sea”. Atlantic puffins feed by diving for fish, but they sometimes munch on other sea creatures such as squids and crustaceans.

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