15 Of The Most Beautiful Birds In The World

The Quetzal

These birds are native to the forests of Central America. Not only do they have an odd assortment of feathers and a wacky hair-do, these birds also have a healthy appetite. They’ll eat anything from lizards, insects, small creatures, and even fruit.

Rainbow Lorikeet

This colorful parrot looks like some wild artist painted all over him. Rainbow Lorikeets are seen often along Australia’s eastern seaboard. They love to hang out in rainforests, woodland areas, and coastal bush. They can also become drunk, usually by consuming fermented nectar, which has been known to last for months.

The Kingfishers

As their name implies, Kingfishers are skilled fishers. Thanks to their large, strong bills, Kingfishers can eat a wide assortment of foods besides fish — frogs, insects, crabs, mice, lizards, and even other birds. When they hunt, usually they find a perch and wait to spot prey. Once a victim is caught, a Kingfisher will bring it back to its perch and whack it to death.

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