15 Of The Worlds Weirdest Animals You Might Not Know Exist

It’s no surprise that with a world full of many different animals, there will be a few weirdos that stand out. Whether it’s due to a remarkable ability, an interesting appearance, or sheer size of the animal, there are some truly special creatures out there. Have you ever seen wondered what an anteater would look like if it bred with a pinecone? Probably not but an animal does exist with that exact appearance. This list is comprised of 15 of the worlds weirdest creatures that you might not know exist. Some of these animals you will most likely never see in the wild in your lifetime and some of them you won’t want to see beyond the pictures posted here. Enjoy 15 of the worlds weirdest animals that you might not have known exist.

1. Pangolin

Pangolins have the appearance of a walking pinecone crossed with an anteater due to the large keratin scales that cover their skin. The natural habitat of pangolins are throughout tropical regions in Africa and Asia, although if you visit these areas you may never even see one in the wild due to being over-hunted. In areas of Asia, their meat is viewed as a delicacy and their scales are believed to hold medicinal properties. When they feel threatened, they can roll up into a ball similar to an armadillo. Pangolins are actually quite near sighted so they rely on their hearing and their very good sense of smell to track down their insects for feeding. Their tongues are similar to anteaters which they use to gather ants or termites. They also come equipped with a gland that creates a foul smell, similar to a skunk although they can’t spray.

2. Oarfish

The oarfish looks like a mythical water dragon and you would think they are truly a myth due to their rarity. They aren’t seen very often because they live in depths of up to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) and are said to be solitary. Oarfish are also very big creatures of the deep, growing up to 11 meters or 36 feet long. This is a fish that you have likely never heard of before and you will likely never see one in your lifetime. The few encounters with oarfish at shallow depths were due in part to the fish coming to shore to die. Due to their rarity, very little is actually known about the oarfish.

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