15 People Cursed By Winning The Lottery

Callie Rogers

Back when she was about 16-years-old, Callie Rogers won the equivalent of $3 million over in Britain. Thankful for her good luck, she proceeded to shower her friends and loved ones with gifts, but she also spent much on partying, breast implants and clothing. Her fortune lasted about six years until she faced bankruptcy. She was forced to take up three cleaning-style jobs, and moved in with her mother.

Amanda Clayton

Clayton won $1 million in 2011 on the Michigan lottery show Make Me Rich! At the time, she was on Welfare, receiving about $200 each month. After winning, however, she let the checks keep coming for nearly a year. She eventually got caught and received two felony counts, the penalty requiring five years of jail time for each. She told ABC news that “I thought they would cut me off, but they didn’t, so I thought it was maybe okay because I wasn’t working”.

Be Careful When You Celebrate

Back in 2013, a man who worked at a Sonic fast-food joint stopped and bought a scratch ticket one evening. He won $75,000, and to celebrate he bought some marijuana and methamphetamines. Later at home, he was reloading his lighter while foolishly standing next to a gas stove. The gas pilot caught, and his house exploded. The ironic thing was that once authorities arrived and put out the fire, there were enough drugs left over to put the man in jail.

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