15 Pets That Are Secretly Ninjas

If you own a cat or a dog, chances are you’ve walked from one room to another and accidentally tripped over or stood on them because you forgot they were there. Having a pet can sometimes feel like have an awkward bit of furniture that lies in the middle of the room in everybody’s way.

So imagine the poor people who have to put up with these animals who have (perhaps unknowingly) found a way to completely disguise themselves or blend into their surroundings. If you thought stepping over the cat that’s lying on the kitchen floor was a pain, you should try looking out for these ninja-like creatures.

A friendly heads up: some of these are legitimately hard to see.

Teddy Bear’s Stomach

It’s well-documented that cats can pretty much sleep anywhere, cardboard boxes, window sills, a soft toy’s stomach etc.

Wrinkly Towel

While this one isn’t technically camouflaged, in the right frame of mind you’d almost be tempted to pick it up and fold it away with the rest of the linen.

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