15 Reasons Why Reptiles Make Great Pets

The animal kingdom is incredibly massive and varied, with thousands, if not more, species of animals throughout the world. However, an animal doesn’t have to be the biggest or the strongest to become one of the greatest living specimens on the planet. No, instead, the reptile has become a dominant force throughout the animal kingdom, both for their unique coloring and for how great of a pet they tend to make. While not all reptiles can be pets, most have a knack for entering our lives and becoming a force of pure brilliance. The following 15 reptiles are all the proof anyone should ever need to own a reptile of any kind.

Take My Hand, Boss

Not all lizards were made to live within captivity. In fact, most probably weren’t, though they adapt incredibly well to living within a home with humans. Lizards are animals, though, and do require a natural habitat where they can explore their surroundings, interact with their own kind, and recreate scenes from famous movies with their pals while resting comfortable on twigs. It happens more often than you may think. Take, for example, the above, where one lizard is hoping to reach out and simply touch his fellow partner in crime, enabling an emotional bond to cultivate between the two before he slips.

To Narnia!

Humans have horses to ride around on, and cars, both of which are far bigger modes of transportation when compared against our tiny human bodies. So, what does a lizard in need of long distance travel have? Easy, a T-Rex, of course. The mighty king of the dinosaurs is a mere child’s toy now, but this lizard decided to make him his own, riding on his back to find the mystical land of Narnia. However, even a lizard could have dreams of grandeur, and the thoughts of world domination have surely crept into the midst of his mind as he eyes his human owner down atop his mighty steed.

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