15 Reasons Why Reptiles Make Great Pets

Dreams of Flight

We all want to be something when we grow up, whether it’s a writer, a firefighter, or even an astronaut. However, what does a lizard grow up wanting to be? Well, a bigger lizard is the obvious answer. This bearded dragon has thought long and hard of what he wants to do with his life, and with the help of some scientific books and plaques, the ideas of soaring through the air with a wing span to make an eagle jealous have surely come to mind more than once. Its owner should be wary of when it learns to strap leaves to its back and jump off stacks of books, though.

Hearts All Around

Animals can show love in their own way, even to a human owner. So, when you find a lizard creeping up a long bit of flora, splitting it down the center to form a perfectly created green heart, you had better reciprocate the feelings to the little guy. Should you choose not to remind him of how epic he is, you may find yourself awaking to an army of tiny lizards surrounding your bed in the midst of the night. They probably won’t bring heart-shaped plants, though, so be warned. A simple pat on the back should suffice when he shows you some love, though.

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