15 Things That Will Kill Any Romantic Relationship

We all want to believe that the relationship we are in is the healthiest and in the best shape possible. We might even be right about that assertion at this very moment. What we don’t realize is that there are a number of things we can do that will take that healthy relationship and turn it upside down. Sometimes there is a lurch towards suddenly being in trouble. Other times, its a slow crawl from “in love” to “in annoyance”, to “in hate”. If you want to make sure your relationship stays healthy, avoid these 15 things.

Not Sharing Your Feelings

We often think of people being greedy as those who are stockpiling “things”. The fact of the matter is not sharing your feelings is just as greedy and just as harmful as not allowing your partner to share your physical items.

Too Much Competition

If you are playing to win too much, you are going to start building a wall of resentment. Even if you think you’re always right and your partner is always wrong, take another look and see if there might be middle ground.

Not Talking Through Issues

Some people will decide it’s better to just not talk about something that’s bothering them. The problem is that issue will fester and grow over time. It’s better to let your partner know there’s something bothering you as soon as it comes up.

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