15 Very Strange Addictions That You May Have Without Even Knowing It

We all know the dangers of addictions like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, but the fact is there are so many other addictions out there that go completely unnoticed; things that are so common that we don’t even give them a second thought. Some of these are easy to believe, but others will likely blow you mind.

The human brain is wired for addiction from birth, and the body is amazingly adept at adapting itself to new stimuli – so adept, in fact, that it often becomes reliant when normal things are done a little too often. So if you think you’re living an addiction free life, take a look at the 15 Addictions That You May Have Without Even Knowing It before you decide.


This one isn’t so bad, right? A lot of people like books, and even the advance of technology (Kindle and the like) hasn’t completely erased that wonderful feel of a real book in your hand. Some people may even judge your worth as a human being based on how many books you have in your collection.

But an addiction to books, or bibliomania, can reach so deep for some that they will literally fill every spare inch of room in their home and property with their collection. Serious health and social problems can develop from this book-hording behavior.

More than that, this obsessive-compulsive disorder can literally have sufferers stealing millions of dollars in books from supermarkets, bookstores, and libraries – a form of book addiction called bibliokleptomania. And book addictions can be even stranger, including bibliophagy (eating books), bibliophilia (actual emotional love for books), and bibliotaphy (the compulsive need to bury books).


Who doesn’t love cuddling up with a friendly kitten or a big friendly dog? Be it rodent, fish, bird, or beast, people have a special kinship with animals that goes very deep, and the therapeutic effects of just owning a pet has been proven to extend your life.

But there’s a big difference between having a couple of family pets and hording animals. There comes a point when the sheer number of animals a hoarder keeps can make it impossible to provide even the basic limits of nutrition and sanitation for them – and they are simply unable to believe that they are doing any harm to their furry friends by keeping them.

Cats are the most common animal for people to become addicted to, collecting hundreds or even thousands of the little critters, and it often doesn’t matter if it’s just a tiny one-room home. This not only creates a dangerous environment for the cats and owner to live in, but creates health risks for neighboring homes as well.

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