15 Weird Facts That Will Shock You

Have you ever found yourself at a party and wanted to dazzle the other guests with some truly weird trivia, but couldn’t come up with anything? We’re not talking about the kid from Jerry Maguire, who informed us all that the human head weighs eight pounds. We’re talking about truly weird stuff that people are going to look simply at you and stare when you get done telling them. As they ask you over and over if you’re kidding around, you can solemnly shake your head no and let them know they just got some real knowledge. Then smile, rinse and repeat, and you’ll be the hit of the party in no time. Check out these totally weird facts that are true and get prepared to amaze.

Marie Curie’s Notebook Could Kill You

Marie Curie did quite a few dangerous experiments including those surrounding radioactivity. It turns out that her notebook is still so radioactive that improper handling could actually kill you.

Printer Ink is More Expensive Than Fancy Champagne

Printer Ink is quite a bit more expensive than some really expensive bottles of champagne, as long as you compare their cost per milliliter. The average printer ink costs as much as seven times as one bottle of Dom Perignon.

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