16 Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life

Any dog owner will tell you that having a dog lick your face in the morning is the best alarm clock in the world. Loving and caring for a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life. Dogs in particular can be highly receptive and responsive to attention. Although most dog owners consider caring for their furry friend and receiving affection in return, enough of a reward, there are numerous other ways having a dog in your home can benefit your life.

They Make You Happier

Just the mere act of looking at your dog is known to release ‘Oxytocin’ in your body and provide you with an instant burst of happiness. This is why dog owners are less likely to experience depression and adopting a dog is sometimes recommended to people suffering from depression.

They Make You More Active

Having a dog involves a lot of physical activity such a taking them for a walk, cleaning up after them, giving them baths, playing with them and even training them. These tasks may seem a bit tedious at times, but it plays a major part in helping you stay on your toes and lead a more active lifestyle.

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